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Gutter Protection That Pays For Itself in Many Different Ways

Our gutter guards installation service helps ensure that your gutters will be debris-free and able to protect your roof and foundation from forces of nature such as heavy rain and snow, falling autumn leaves, and bird nests. Better still, this protection comes without any impact on the beauty of your building, thanks to the design-conscious styling and available colors.

  • Eliminates outer wall stains from debris/water drips
  • Keeps basements dry with efficient run-offs
  • Reduces personal injury risks from rain/ice puddles
  • Saves money on gutter cleaning

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The Cure for Your
Clogged Gutters

• Self Cleaning Ridges
• All Aluminum Construction
• Invisible from the ground
• Strengthens the Entire Gutter System
• Keeps Pests from Building Nests
  1. RESTOR: Better Than Before
    RESTOR: Better Than Before
    Our Gutter and Metal Works Division trailer - freshly wrapped!
  2. View From Above
    View From Above
    This beautiful Zionsville home features a fresh roof, new gutters and of course our premium Gutter RX cover system.
  3. Not For the Faint of Heart...
    Not For the Faint of Heart...
    Our highly trained and experienced installation experts are always licensed and bonded for your ultimate safety and satisfaction.
  4. Premium Products Installed by Professionals
    Premium Products Installed by Professionals
    Why settle for inferior products and installations when RESTOR is available?
  5. RESTOR Teamwork
    RESTOR Teamwork
    Call us today to schedule your upgrade tomorrow!
  6. Not Visible From the Ground
    Not Visible From the Ground
    One of the unique design features of our Gutter RX system is the guards are not visible at all from the ground. Your roofline and new gutters retain their sleek appearance.
"Our mission is to deliver the best customer experience possible. We strive to assist our employees, vendors, and clients through the complexities of our construction and restoration operations. Our goal is to simplify the process, while maintaining a firm commitment to exceed expectations in quality workmanship and precise scheduling.

The company was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, and consistent communication with a strong focus on family, community, employee well-being and client satisfaction."

Brian Southard | CEO and Founder
RESTOR | The Pinnacle of Professionalism
RESTOR is second to none in understanding and applying advanced residential roofing technology. We take pride in our state-of-the-art techniques for installing and maintaining diverse and complex roofing systems.

Our residential & commercial roofing specialists are familiar with the technical requirements of both new-construction roofing and re-roofing projects. And the roofing materials they work with run the gamut: asphalt, cedar shake/shingle, slate/title, rubber and copper.

You’ll find RESTOR roofing solutions on gracious homes in upscale neighborhoods as well as on modest houses in urban settings. Despite the superior quality of our roofing systems, we’re extremely cost-competitive. We believe your roofing system should protect you not only from the elements but also from unnecessarily high pricing.



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